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Ash Jumps
Ash Jump

"Ash Jump - Roll Call"
The Ash Jump Roll Call lists Team Members who made their final jump with the Golden Knights postumously.
History   >  Tributes  >  Features   >  Ash Jump Roll Call

"Stardust Falls to Earth"
A special photo essay tribute to Ronnie "RJ" Smith and Norris "NJ" Hargett.
History   >  Tributes  >  Features   >   Ash Jump Album

C-47 Crash
C-47 Memorial

"In Remembrance - Friends and Teammates Lost in the C-47"
The tribute to the people who died in the crash of the C-47 in Silk Hope, NC in March, 1973 includes several features.  To see the full tribute, click below or go to:
History   >  Tributes  >  Features   >  C-47 Crash

"Re-dedicating the Memorial Stone at Silk Hope, NC"
A photo essay of the ceremony, including the remarks of LTC Joe Martin.
History   > Tributes   >  Features   >  C-47 Crash   >  Dedication

Memorial Statue
Memorial Statue

"The Big Guy"
A photo essay of the installation of the Memorial Statue in August 2010.
Gallery  >  Scrapbook   >  Memorial Statue

To see a video of the unveiling of the statue, click below or go to:
Gallery   >  Scrapbook   >  Memorial Statue   >   The Unveiling Video

See the dedication of the Memorial Statue in December 2010, click below or go to:
Gallery   >  Scrapbook   >  Reunions  >   2009-50th

April 2011 - Spring Break See a photo essay of the friends who gathered in April 2011:
Gallery   >  Scrapbook   >   Reunions   >   2011-April

See all the events at the gala 50th Anniversary Reunion at:
Gallery   >  Scrapbook   >   Reunions   >   2009-50th

Look for more about reunions in the Gallery.

World Records
World Record Guiness World Record - Farthest Distance in Free Fall - 2010
Gallery   >   Scrapbook   >   Features   >   2010 - World Record by Ben Borger

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Jim "Skippy" Cassel

Cassel, James                    "Jim" or "Skippy"

Recognition of His Legacy Award

Wil Charette Charette, Wilfred JA         "Wil" or "Squeak"

A Memorial Tribute

NJ Hargett

Hargett, Norris  J               "NJ"

Featured Knight

Tom Johnson

Johnson, Thomas A           "TJ"

A Memorial Tribute

Bobby "Spider" Wrenn

Wrenn, Robert G       "Bobby" or "Spider" 

Featured Knight

80th Birthday Celebration

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Archived News
Bob McDermott You can see archives of the News at the path below. Some are linked at no other place on this site.

News   >   Archived News  [Select the period, then click "Go"]

Learn about Bob McDermott's special uniform (left),  Skippy Cassel's encounter with a cannon,  who was honored by the National Skydiving Museum, how Ambie Valasco planned to celebrate his 75th birthday, active Team news, friends who have passed from this world, and much more.

Tributes & Memorials
Ron Brown Be sure to visit the Tributes & Memorials which honors the Golden Knights who were killed or injured in the service of their country, like Ron Brown (left) and others who lost their lives in Vietnam.

History   >   Tributes

Vintage Videos
Visual Media Find early airborne training films, videos promoting the Golden Knights from as early as 1962, a commercial for the US Army from 1972 featuring the first 10-man star Team, and much more.

Gallery   >   Visual Media

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