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Team Album - 1960-1969
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1961 - Dick Fortenberry in his trophy room. - According to Dick: "Here [is a] picture of the first National trophy. The history was that it was called Americas Cup and would be awarded to the US National Champion each year for ten years. The person who won it the most times in that period would retire it and take possession. Or if someone won it three consecutive years he would retire it. The plaque reads: AMERICAS CUP - FORT BRAGG NORTH CAROLINA - 1961 - FIRST PLACE CHAMPION OVERALL 1959 JAMES P PEARSON C-69 1960 LOY B BRYDON D-12 1961 RICHARD T FORTENBERRY D-38 1962 RICHARD T FORTENBERRY D-38 1963 RICHARD T FORTENBERRY D-38 - RETIRED
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