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Getting Started
In your profile, select the "Update This Profile" tab.

Already Registered: Enter the e-address and password that you filed with us. Click the "Update" button.
Your personal form displays.

First Time: Send us the e-address and password that you would like to register.
When access is established you will receive a confirmation email. Be patient, it's not always instantaneous.  We're all volunteers.
Overview of Completing the Form
Complete this form with as much detail as you wish to share.
Click the Tabs under the "Update Your Profile" heading: SPT/USAPT, Military, Addresses etc to display the entry boxes.
Use the <Tab> button to move from box to box.
When you have completed your entries, click "Update" in the upper right corner. 
To exit without saving your changes, click "Exit" in the upper left corner.
After clicking either "Exit" or "Update", you will return to your public profile page.
See "Troubleshooting & FAQ" below for other information.
About Contact Information
Your contact information is not displayed in your public profile. Your contact information is not shared with others [email addresses, phones numbers, mailing addressess] unless you opt into the Contact-Sharing Program. 

Your contact information is vitally important to the Alumni Association, because that is the way we share important information about services/activities that are available to you, news about team mates, and much more.  We guard your privacy, and no one will contact you except those associated with the Alumni Association, unless you permit it.

About "Contact Me Via Email":
If you allow someone to contact you through your web profile, the message is sent to you, but your email address is not revealed. The email is transmitted using the website's mail service.

About "Share My Contact Info": Those who particpate in the contact-sharing program agree to release information to one another, but to no one else.
Required & Incorrect Entries
You cannot save changes to your profile until Required entries are completed and errors are corrected. 
Few, but some, entries are required. They are grouped under "Personal".
The boxes for both Required entries and errors appear like the heading above: Your text on a gold background.
Complete and/or correct those entries and press "Update" again.
If successful, your public profile displays.
About the Emergency Contact
People change email service providers and move without updating their on-line profiles.  Please supply someone we can contact if your email or snail mail don't reach you.  Note: You can re-use your own information, if ABSOLUTELY necessary, but please consider an alternative.      
Troubleshooting & FAQ
"I clicked "Update" but nothing happened."
See "Required and Incorrect Entries" above.  You probably need to make an entry or correction. Check "Personal", then the other tabs for boxes that display the text on a gold background.
"I pressed <Enter> and the form disappeared and I was back at my public profile."
<Enter> in a web form is the command to submit the form, or to go to the next line.  
If your box has only one line, an <Enter> means, "I'm done. Process what I entered."      
If your box has multiple lines, an <Enter> moves you down one line.       
Get into the habit of using <Tab> to move from box to box.  [Sorry, we didn't make that rule.]      
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