Table of Contents

Read Our Creed
Table of Contents
History of the Golden Knights
Introduction   "Goodwill Ambassadors to the World "
Tributes and Memorials   Tributes Home
    Ash Jump Roll Call
    Ash Jumps Photo Essay
    C-47 Crash

Chapter 1 - The Early Years    [prior to 1961]
Section 1 "First a Soldier, Second a Soldier, Always a Soldier"
    Sport Parachuting Comes to the Army
  Section 2 "Like a Static Line"
    The Rise of Free Fall Parachuting Clubs
  Section 3 "What's the Big Idea?!"
    STRAC Earns the Spotlight
  Section 4 "Under Bowling Alleys and Skating Rinks "
    Demonstrating their Skills
  Section 5 "More Than a Pretty Face"
    A Tactical Advantage

Chapter 2 - Inception
  Section 1 ..and God said, "Let there be light", and it turned green.
  Last Section "Standby...Go!"


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