"Aviators of the Year"

The Aviator of the Year is the highest honor the Team can present to a member of its aviation section.

Although the Golden Knights are identified with skydiving, they could not function without their Aviators and flight crew members. The Aviator of the Year award is a way to honor these Team members..

Aviators and flight crew members are eligible. Selection is made by one's peers and recognizes personal and professional excellence.

It signifies that the Team member has gained the respect, admiration and gratitude of the American public and his/her teammates.

Aviators of the Year
Steven Coston
2014 - Steven Coston
Jeff Sopp
2015 - Jeff Sopp
1971- Paul Rose Paul Rose 1983 William Finley 1995 Scott Curtis 2007 Michael Knecht Michael Knecht
1972 Charles Hill Charles Hill 1984 Willis Williams 1996 Kevin Koloski 2008 Brett Roszell Brett Roszell
1973 Coy McDonald Coy McDonald 1985 Carl Amick Carl Amick 1997 Kevin White 2009 - Allen Aber Allen Aber
1974 George Ashley 1986 Andrew Siegner 1998 Vernon Rowell Vernon Rowell 2010 - Dan Mordarski Dan Mordarski
1975 George Greenauer 1987 Alton Johnson 1999 - Dan Moesch Dan Moesch 2011 - Craig Blackburn Craig Blackwood
1976 Andrew Fields 1988 Luis Jimenez 2000 Jerry Sartin 2012- David Clay David Clay
1977 Sherell Kelly 1989 Jeff Geyer Jeff Geyer 2001 Charles Waddell Michael Knecht Michael Knecht
1978 Johnnie Gressett Johnnie Gressett 1990 Al Coleman 2002 Ken Breeden Ken Breeden Steven Coston Steven Coston
1979 Jeffrey Janovics 1991 Kenneth Warren 2003 Vernon Rowell Vernon Rowell Jeff Sopp Jeff Sopp
1980 William Brooks 1992 Robert Giaccone 2004 Brandon Smith  
1981 Mike Dieck 1993 Preston Spires 2005 Bruce Scharbius    
1982 Dennis Callahan 1994 Scott Vanderbroek Scott Vandenbroek 2006 Michael Knecht Michael Knecht    

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