"Civilians of the Year"

Tom Bovee BOVEE, Tom 2015
Sean Capogreco CAPOGRECO, Sean 2009
Donna Dixon DIXON, Donna L
2-Time Winner
Jettie Dudak DUDAK, Jettie 2005
Sandra Gaskins GASKINS, Sandra 2006
Darrin Grim GRIM, Darrin 2008
Terri Wilde WILDE, Terri
3-Time Winner
Terri Wilde STANLEY, Scott 2014
Civilians of the Year

are people who, through their service to the Team, have earned singular distinction.

Their contributions in time, support & effort are so important that they have earned special recognition.

Civilians of the Year are selected yearly by the Team through secret ballot.

This honor is the Team' s way of saying "Thank You" for their valuable service and/or special relationship with the Golden Knights.

Civilians of the Year work directly with the Team, but are Government Service employees. Some of them have been military personnel in the past and may also have been active Team members at one time.

Civilians of the Year are listed alphabetically
under the tabs above.  Select each person to learn more in their profile.

Donna Dixon & Sean Capogreco

Civilians of the Year
Donna Dixon - 2007/2011 & Sean Capogreco - 2009

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