"Knights of the Year"

JD Berentis
2014 - JD Berentis
Greg Windmiller
2015 - Greg Windmiller
Golden Knights of the Year

Golden Knight of the Year is the highest honor that the Team can award to one of its members.

The award is conferred yearly to a Team member who has exhibitied exemplary personal and professional qualities.

Team members select the honoree by secret ballot. All military and civilian members of the Team, are eligible, except Team Aviators
(see Aviators of the Year).

Being selected by one's peers makes the Golden Knight of the Year award especially valuable.

It signifies that the Team member has gained the respect, admiration and gratitude of the American public and his/her teammates.
1967 Gene Paul Thacker Gene Paul Thacker 1980 Thomas "TJ" Johnson Tom Johnson 1993 - Robert Coles Robert Coles 2006 - Karen Berling Karen Berling
1968 William "Billy" Lockward William Lockward 1981 Glenn Bangs 1994 Coy Parks 2007 - Elisa Feldt Tennyson Elisa Feldt
1969 Bobby "Spider" Wrenn Bobby Wrenn 1982 Tom Bennion Tom Bennion 1995 Dan Neal Dan Neal 2008 Galen Barker Galen Barker
1970 Bryce Swindle Bryce Swindle 1983 Gary Winkler 1996 Shane Hollar Shane Hollar 2009 - Ryan Ray Ryan Ray
1971 Bob "Top Mac" McDermott Bob McDermott 1984 Bob Sheffield 1997 Candice Green 2010 - Brian Krause Brian Krause
1972- Charlie Hall Charlie Hall 1985 Fernando "Fern" Muzquiz Fern Muzquiz 1998 John Dennis 2011 - Tom Bovee Tom Bovee
1973 Chuck Collingwood 1986 Greg Vares Greg Vares  1999 Paul Raspino Paul Raspino 2012-Howard Sanbord Howard Sanborn
1974 Bob Peterson Bob Peterson 1987 Mike Mayo 2000 Johnny Mulford Johnny Mulford 2013-Richard Sloan Richard Sloan
1975 Chuck Whittle 1988 Andy Gerber 2001 Billy Van Soelen JD Berentis JD Berentis
1976 James "Walter" Kraft James Kraft 1989 - Jeff Moon Jeff Moon 2002 Gary Mohler Greg Windmiller Greg Windmiller
1977 - Guy Leverett Guy Leverett 1990 Jim Nipper 2003 Clayton Sutrick    
1978 Steve Beinert Steve Beinert 1991 Elizabeth Hunt 2004 Ken "KB" Brown Ken Brown    
1979 - Fred Wenger Frederick Wenger 1992 Bill Jackson 2005 John Hoover    

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